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Sports Rehab

Any sport comes with not only the potential for better health, strength and energy. Unfortunately, every sport also comes with its own set of risks that are unique to that sport or activity. At Memphis Chiropractic Neurology, we have chiropractors who are skilled in sports injury rehab. The right rehabilitation program can not only help you heal faster and get back on top of your game, but can also help you avoid future injuries.

A chiropractor can help relieve pain in your shoulder, back, neck, knees and ankles due to running, jumping and other sports-related movement that can put stress on your joints and spine. Your sports rehab program begins with the chiropractor identifying the cause of your injury and the best course of treatment to relieve your pain and aid you in healing faster. Spinal manipulation or spinal mobilization may be recommended, along with other treatment options.

Once your rehabilitation is complete, your chiropractor can assess your posture, spine, balance and other factors to recommend ways that you can participate in your favorite sports or activities with less of a risk of injury.

Whether you need sports injury rehabilitation services for a recent injury, or you’ve been injured in the past and would like to have a chiropractor evaluate you before you begin a new sport or exercise routine, call Memphis Chiropractic Neurology to schedule an appointment. We’re here to help you stay active and pain-free!

To find out more about sports rehab treatments or to schedule your initial consultation, call our office today.

“I was pleasantly surprised to experience relief within just a few visits.” ~ P. Hill

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